Air Conditioner Repairs To Get Your AC Weatherized And Prepared For Winter

Now that summer is coming to an end—it is time to get your air conditioner prepared for the cold winter. Therefore, there are going to be repairs that have to be done before weatherizing the AC and turning it off. The following air conditioner repairs will help you with your AC weatherization before shutting it down for winter:

  • Thermostat calibrating or replacement before winter—One of the important AC repairs that need to be done before weatherizing your air conditioner is calibrating the thermostat. This will help ensure the AC is reading the right temperatures in your home, and everything is working efficiently. Another option to consider if you have an older thermostat is replacing it if it is not controlling the comfort in your home as it should.
  • Condensing unit damage and repairs before weatherization—The condensing unit for your AC is another area that is going to need to be repaired. First, the unit needs to be cleaned and serviced to ensure everything is working properly. It is also important to inspect the unit for damage that has occurred during the summer months. Repair any damage due to storms or pests before shutting the system off for the winter months and weatherizing your AC.
  • Blowers and fans that should be replaced—The fans and blowers of HVAC systems may also need repairs before the winter weather. Therefore, repairs may need to be done to an HVAC blower to ensure you have sufficient airflow for winter heating. The AC condensing unit also has a fan that should be repaired before weatherizing your air conditioning for the cold winter. If the AC is making a lot of noise when it comes on, it can be the blower or condensing unit fans that are causing these problems.
  • HVAC electrical repairs before winter—The HVAC system can also have problems with wiring and electrical components. First, the air conditioner should be inspected for electrical problems. Furnaces will also need to have electrical repairs done before you turn the AC off and turn your household heating on. Turn off the power main for your AC when weatherizing it, and check that the furnace power switch has been turned on for the winter weather that will be coming.

Before shutting your AC down for the winter, make sure that these repairs have been completed. Contact an AC repair service like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. if you need help with repairs and weathering the air conditioner for the winter months.