4 Options That You May Want To Consider When Adding A Small Detached Structure To Your Property

If you are considering building a detached garage, but want something more, you need to consider the different options for multifunctional detached structures. The features can be integrated into the garage design or part of additional smaller structures with a similar design. The following ideas will help you with choosing the different options when building a multifunctional detached structure for your property:

1. Choosing the Size of Your Structure and Where It is Going to Be Located

First, you will want to choose the size of the structure that you want to build for your home. Some of the things that you want to consider are access to the structure, utility installations and the distance from your home. If you are going to have features like a garage parking area, workshop or home office, consider these options when choosing the design and size of your detached garage. 

2. Options for Additional Structures That Have Design That Match Your Detached Garage

Rather than just doing a single detached garage, you may want to have several separate structures with similar designs. This will allow you to have a garage wherever it will fit, as well as features like pool houses, garden buildings and other features that you may want to have around your home. This is a great option if you only have a limited amount of space for a detached garage, but want to do more with your project.

3. Deciding on The Type of Mechanical Installations Needed for Your Detached Structures

The mechanical installations for your detached structures are also important. These can include things like heating and cooling, as well as electrical wiring and modern Internet service. For the wiring, you may want to use conduits to run these utilities from your home to the structure. For things like HVAC, options like districting heating can be done to provide heating to your home and detached structures.

4. Installation of Utilities and Infrastructure to Your Detached Structure and More

There are also a lot of options for utilities and infrastructure to be added to your detached structure. The infrastructure may include things like a gravel, concrete or asphalt drive to get to the structure, as well as conduits for utilities or mechanical connections. Sometimes, the utilities can be connected to your home, or you may choose to have separate utilities for the detached structures to make them completely independent from your home.

These are some tips that you may want to consider to give your home the right detached structures for multifunctional purposes. If you want a multifunctional detached structure for your property, contact a custom garage builder and talk to them about some of these ideas.