3 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Are you the owner of a home that has a basement? Do you want to make better use of your basement but you have to deal with flooding nearly every time it rains? Depending on how and when the home was built, sometimes it can feel like there's more water inside than outside. With newer homes have come better technologies but even these can fail from time to time.

It may be necessary to call in a professional to do or redo the waterproofing of your basement area. To find the best contractor for the job, you should ask the following questions:

1. What waterproofing solutions do they recommend and why? 

There are several things that basement waterproofing services can do to cut down on and/or fully eliminate the amount of water that is getting into your home. Not all of these are going to be best for every home or budget. For instance, an exterior French drain system might be helpful but could also entail digging up your beloved flower beds. An interior French drain system might require that you empty your basement of everything before they begin working. It's going to be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each choice to ensure that you pick the best answer for your needs.

2. Does their quote include everything? 

When making up an estimate for the work that's going to be required, sometimes basement waterproofing services won't include the total cost but will leave it up to you to calculate. For instance, they might tell you that labor will be a certain amount per hour but may not be able to tell you how much labor you'll be paying for. Other estimates may include all costs associated with the update, including all labor charges. 

3. Are they fully bonded or insured? 

While you can cut down on the potential for mistakes by only using fully licensed basement waterproofing services, accidents can still happen. A window could get broken or a pipe could be damaged. You don't want to have to cover the cost of fixing these issues out of your own pocket and you won't have to if you only hire fully insured and/or bonded professionals. Also, because it'll be their insurance premiums on the line, you can be sure that their workers will be even more careful than if you were the one footing the bill for any mishaps.

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