3 Compelling Reasons Pipefitters Should Consider Joining A Union

Working as a pipefitter can expose you to a lot of harsh working conditions and hours. This demanding job will be better if you join a union. Taking it upon yourself to seek union representation can lead to the following benefits. 

More Money 

No matter what position you have, you always want more money. This certainly rings true for your pipefitter position, given the inherent risks and difficulties you're obligated to deal with on a daily basis. Well, when you join a pipefitters union, you'll typically receive better pay.

A major goal of a union, after all, is to ensure its members are fairly compensated for their work. It can be quite difficult getting paid more as a single entity. If you're not willing to work for a particular wage, the hiring company can simply find another candidate. However, being in a union means being backed by an entire organization. Pay increases are taken much more seriously as a result. 

Enhanced Safety 

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of potential dangers you have to watch out for as a pipefitter. One wrong misstep could result in significant and even fatal injuries. Fortunately, when you join a pipefitter's union, you're subject to safer work environments.

That's because unions ensure their members' work sites follow stringent safety protocols. Ultimately, this makes your work environment safer to be around by minimizing potential safety hazards. Pipefitter unions also strive to give you access to the latest personal protection equipment so you'll be ready for adverse scenarios should they come your way out on the job site. 

Better Job Security 

The last thing you want happening as a pipefitter is to get fired for some unjust reason. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with many companies in this industry. You don't have to worry so much about this happening to you when you're a part of a pipefitter union.

Should your company let you go without giving a reason or seems to be implementing unfair firing practices, your union will back you. They have plenty of resources to take this matter to court, where you can receive compensation for everything you've been put through. And the potential blow-back of a lawsuit gives many companies pause before letting their pipefitters go without any good reason.

Becoming a pipefitter can be a truly rewarding and lucrative career. Just make sure you consider joining a union. You'll have access to so many benefits that make this line of work much better overall.