5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wood Deck This Summer

Wood decks can look really great in your home. However, wood decks require maintenance in order to keep up their appearances. Here are a few ways that you can take care of your wood deck this summer and ensure that it continues to look great for many summers to come:

#1 Put Planters On Top Of Cement Blocks

If you want to put flowers or garden planters on your deck, you should not put them directly on the deck themselves. When you do this, it is easy for dirt and moisture to get trapped between the planter and the wood. This can lead to the wood deteriorating. Instead, put a cement block or paver between all of your plants and your deck. This will keep moisture and dirt from coming into direct contact with your wood deck and damaging it.

#2 Put A Grease Catcher Under Your Grill

If you have a grill that you set-up during the summer time on your wood deck, make sure that you protect your deck from your grill. You should put a grease catcher under your grill so that any grease that comes out of your grill is easily caught and disposed of. Grease can stain your wood deck. You may also want to put an outdoor rug under your grill as well that is made of fire-proof material. This is just another way to ensure that grease or coals don't get on your deck from your grill and damage it.

#3 Sweep Your Deck Regularly

Your deck needs to be swept and cleaned on a regular basis just like the inside of your house. Dirt that accumulates on your deck can damage it over time. In the summertime, when you are using your deck frequently, make sure that you sweep and clean your deck at least once a week. You should also sweep your deck regularly in the fall; leaves left on your deck can leave an imprint and stain behind.

#4 Seal Your Deck

About every other year, you should seal your deck. Sealing your deck will help protect the wood from deteriorating from all of the sun, rain, and snow that it is exposed to. You can stain your deck to give it a particular color. Just make sure that you also use a wood sealer on your deck as well. This will help ensure that your wood deck lasts for many years; without proper care, wood decks can quickly deteriorate and break down. 

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