Must-Have Features For Your New High-Tech Toilet

The high-tech lifestyle being led by many people across the world today has slowly worked its way into the most private room in the home—the bathroom. If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom, you are probably planning to replace some of the plumbing fixtures in the room. Taking advantage of the features offered by a high-tech toilet can transform your bathroom into a space where you will want to spend more time.

Here are some of the features your new high-tech toilet should have in order to allow it to enhance the overall function and comfort of your remodeled bathroom in the future.

1. Wireless Music Speaker

Whether you are getting ready after taking a shower or just enjoying the time you spend on your bathroom's "throne," having a toilet that can double as a wireless music speaker can be beneficial.

Many high-tech toilets come complete with speakers that can be linked to your cell phone or tablet to allow you to stream your favorite playlist. Incorporating a toilet with a built-in wireless music speaker in your new bathroom's design will make your bathroom a more functional space.

2. Heated Seat

If you have ever had to use the facilities in the middle of a cold winter night, then you know how shocking sitting on a frigid toilet seat can be. Many high-tech toilets allow you to forego this discomfort by offering heated toilet seats.

You can set your seat for a comfortable temperature, and the seat will adjust the amount of heat being produced in order to maintain this temperature. Adding a high-tech toilet with a seat warmer ensures your cheeks will be cozy at all times.

3. Variable Flush Volume

If reducing the amount of water you use in your household is a top priority, then you can use your bathroom remodel to add a high-tech toilet that will help you accomplish this goal. Many high-tech toilets come equipped with specialized sensors that can detect the amount of water needed to clean the bowl after each flush.

The toilet's tank will automatically adjust the amount of water sent through the bowl during flushing based on the information provided by these sensors, allowing you to eliminate excess water being used during the flushing process.

Incorporating a high-tech toilet into your new bathroom can really transform this living space into an area where you will want to spend a significant amount of time. Maximize the benefits your new toilet can provide by investing in a high-tech commode with a wireless speaker, seat warmer, and variable flush volume sensors.