Four Reasons Why You Might Want Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, you may want to consider custom kitchen cabinets. In fact, you may prefer them over the pre-fabricated cabinets you can buy from the home improvement store. Here are some valid reasons why custom cabinets are the better option.

Custom Cabinets Are More Solidly Built

Pre-fabricated cabinets are often made of plywood, sandwich board, cork board, and other lesser types of manufactured lumber that just does not hold up. Custom cabinets are almost always made of solid wood, which makes them more solidly built, durable, and longer lasting. The hinges and hardware on custom cabinets are also a higher quality metal that will not let go nor pull out of the cabinet doors quite as easily as the pre-fabricated ones.

The Finishes Are Actual Finishes, Not Veneers

Most of the "finishes" you see on pre-fabricated cabinets are not stains or finishes at all. They are veneers, which are nothing more than sticky-backed strips of thin fabricated wood or plastic with fake colors and wood grain patterns on them. Veneers make the cabinets look cheap, and the worst of the lot makes the cabinets look fake and unattractive. This does not happen with custom cabinets. Custom cabinets use real stains, varnishes and wax coats to make them shine. The result is a higher quality look and a much more attractive appearance.

Custom Cabinets Fit YOUR Kitchen, Not Somebody Else's Idea of a Kitchen

Custom cabinets fit your kitchen and your needs. Most pre-fabricated cabinets are designed in L-formation to fit square and rectangular kitchens of a particular size. That simply does not work in every kitchen. It also does not work for every homeowner either, since you may want more counter space but you want it to be narrower than traditional counters sold in stores. When a cabinet maker comes to take measurements of your kitchen, you can tell him or her exactly what you want, what you need, and the cabinet maker builds it for you.

Uniquely Designed Cabinets

In addition to all of the above, you also get uniquely-designed cabinets. These cabinets can be hand-carved, or decorated to match your personal style. You really cannot get pre-fabricated cabinets that look like reclaimed handmade cabinets from a villa in Tuscany from a home improvement store, but you can get them from a master cabinet maker. Before you meet with the cabinet maker, get some ideas together to show the cabinet maker what you would like. For more information, contact companies like Adams Fine Furniture & Cabinetry.