Addressing Several Questions About Water Wells

Water wells can be an effective option for those living in rural areas and need to provide their homes with a source of water. However, there are homeowners that have no experience with owning or having one of these wells drilled. If this applies to you, and this is an option that you are considering, you will likely benefit from having the following few questions answered.

Is It Necessary To Obtain A Permit To Have A Well Drilled?

Before you can drill your well, you will likely need to obtain a permit. Fortunately, the permitting process for a well is a relatively simple task. Typically, you will only need to provide proof of ownership of the property where the well is located and you will need to provide the licensing information for the contractor doing the work.

What Is Involved With Drilling A Water Well?

Some individuals may assume that a well drilling professional will be able to install a well anywhere on the property. However, this is not the case as they will need to local underground water. This can be a rather complicated task as these professionals will likely have to consult with local property documents to review the locations and depths of wells on neighboring properties. This information is necessary so that they professionals can have a better idea of where they will find water. While this information can make it easier for the contractor to locate a suitable underground source of water, you should be aware that it may still need to drill several holes before they are successful.  

How Do You Maintain A Water Well?

Once the well is drilled, it will be necessary for you to perform regular maintenance on it to keep it in good condition. In particular, you will want to have the pump serviced each year to ensure that it is free of substantial wear and tear. Also, you will need to have the water tested at least once a year to ensure that the water is free of containment. However, you may want to do this more frequently and whenever you notice a change in the taste, color or smell of your water.

For homeowners with limited experience owning water wells, these devices can be rather mysterious. However, if you are aware of the need to obtain a permit to have a well drilled, the steps involved in the actual drilling of the well and the type of maintenance a well requires, you will be better suited to make informed decisions about this water source. Contact a business such as Hudson Valley Drilling for more information.