Installing A Tankless Water Heater? Three Reasons You Need A Plumbing Or HVAC Contractor For The Job

Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity because of their ability to heat water without having to store it in a big tank (like traditional water heaters). However, installing a tankless water heater is not your run-of-the-mill DIY project. On the contrary, it takes most professionals quite a bit of time to install these things. Here are three reasons why you need a plumbing or HVAC contractor to install your tankless water heater and should not attempt to do the job yourself.

A Contractor Needs to Remove Your Old Water Heater

In order to install your tankless heater, the old water heater needs to be removed completely. To do that, you need a skilled plumber (at the very least) or a HVAC contractor who also works on water heaters. They will turn off the main water supply to your home completely, and then undo all of the pipes and plumbing that run to the old water heater.

Once these pipes are undone or have been cut through with a torch, then the contractor and an assisting employee will haul the old water heater up and out of the house. They may leave it for you to deal with, or they may put it on their truck for disposal later, depending on what their work detail and estimate says they will do. Since the water heater is incredibly heavy, there is very little chance you could have done this part on your own.

Extraneous Pipes Are Removed

Next your plumbing contractor has to remove all extraneous pipes. These pipes may have been useful when you had a water heater tank, but now they may be dead-end pipes that either need to be removed or sealed off before the water is turned back on. The plumber may spend several minutes assessing which pipes can stay and which ones definitely need to go or need to be sealed. Then he or she will close off short pieces of pipe that will be unaffected by the change in water heating sources and remove those that have no real purpose anymore or that would be diverting water pressure away from where it should go.

The Tankless Heater Is Wall-Mounted and Connected

Even though you probably could mount the tankless heater's body on your wall with little trouble, it is actually the electrical wiring and plumbing that might be a problem for you. Your plumber or HVAC contractor would make all of the necessary connections as soon as the box is fully mounted to the wall or a very sturdy post. The remaining tasks include running old pipes and some new pipes into and out of the box, as well as running pipes to the main water lines and sewer lines of your home, and then turning the main water line back on before testing the system and leaving. That would be too many skills and too much work for one person that does not have these skill sets, so make sure you hire a contractor for this conversion job. contact a company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. for more information.