5 Ways To Cut Down On Your Heating Oil Costs

If you heat your home using oil, then you're probably all too aware of just how expensive this can be. Costs can also be quite unpredictable, as home heating oil costs tend to fluctuate greatly throughout the year. Still, there are some steps all homeowners can take to save on their heating oil throughout the year.

Schedule an Annual Tune-Up

Start by considering the current condition of your furnace. When was the last time it was serviced? If it's been a few years, it may not be running as efficiently as it could, so you'll want to consider having a tune-up done. This could increase efficiency and reduce the amount of oil needed to heat your home.

Take Time to Caulk Around Windows

Now is also a good time to check around your windows and doors for exterior gaps that could be wasting heat and thus requiring you to spend more on home heating oil. Take the time to caulk any gaps for added energy efficiency and savings.

Fill Your Tank During the Summer

Home heating oil tends to be priced highest when it's in highest demand, so you could save a significant amount of money by having your tank filled when prices are lower. By filling your oil tank during the summer, you'll pay significantly less and you'll have one less thing to worry about taking care of during the fall.

Secure a Fixed Price on Oil

When you buy home heating oil, you typically have one of two options when it comes to your pricing. You can pay market price, which means you'll pay whatever the cost of the oil is on the day of your delivery. Or, you can pay a fixed price, where you lock in a price for the entire season. Typically, it's best to lock in your price so as to avoid increases; this will also help to make your bill more predictable throughout the year.

Join a Heating Oil Co-Op

Did you know you can save a pretty penny on your home heating oil by joining a co-op? By purchasing your heating oil in larger quantities as part of a group, you'll enjoy significant savings. You'll just have to coordinate with the other homeowners in the group when it comes to which days of the week you're available for accepting oil deliveries and how often you need your home heating oil delivered as well.

For more information and tips, contact a oil services company, such as Cash Oil, directly.