4 Ways To Secure Your Patio Door

Having a safe home means making sure that every aspect of your home is regularly kept in check and is properly made to be burglar proof. Your patio doors are no exception. In fact, many people are quite slack about the upkeep of their patio doors, but burglars know that patio doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, making breaking and entering into a house and ransacking you of your valuable goods relatively easy. This guide will serve to help you be a bit more fastidious in keeping your patio doors secure.  

Install Slide Locking Bar

Slide locking bars are inexpensive, easy to install, and help to ensure the safety of your home by reinforcing your patio door. A slide-locking bar consists of a wooden or metal bar that is cut to fit the bottom track of the door. When locking up at night or when you decide to leave your home, simply place this bar into the bottom track. Although no replacement for a lock, this will prevent the door from being opened.

Maintain Tracks and Rollers

Most patio doors operate on tracks and rollers. Due to use and simply over time, these plastic tracks and rollers tend to wear down naturally, making it easy for burglars to remove the patio door and gain entry. There are several things you can do to ensure that these parts have a longer lifespan than they would under normal conditions. By simply cleaning off the tracks and rollers, you are ensuring that they will not break down quite as quickly. Make sure that the door is adequately fitted to the track. If it is not fitted to the track, this can contribute to these parts breaking down more quickly over time.

Commercial Locking Products

It might be worth your time and money to purchase and install a commercial locking device. These locks can be purchased at almost any hardware store and usually include one or two bolts that will lock the door in place to the frame and serve to reinforce the already existing lock in place. Most can be installed at any height of your door, which means that you can place two locks on the same door, one in the upper regions of the door and one in the lower regions of the door, doubling down on the level of safety of your home.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems do not necessarily directly relate to the phenomenon of your sliding patio doors. However, they can ensure the overall safety of the home. Such alarm systems can be triggered such that would-be burglars attempting to break in through your patio will be deterred by a loud alarm and a direct police alert.

Patio doors can be alluring to a number of burglars due to the perception that they are easy to break in through, and many times the burglar is correct. Hopefully, this article has served to inform you of how to buck this trend and ensure that your patio doors are as safe as the rest of your house.