How Can You Solve Your Low Water Pressure Problems?

There is nothing worse than stepping into a shower with low water pressure. You spend more time trying to get the shampoo out of your hair than actually enjoying the shower. Everyone has been there. So let's discuss seven easy things you can do to make sure the water is flowing just right.

1.  Check All of the Water Sources

When low pressure strikes, pinpointing which water source the culprit is will help you quickly find the problem. Whether it's the kitchen sink, shower, or both, the important thing is intervening before the issue gets worse.

2. Look at the Showerhead

If you notice that the water pressure is off only when you turn on the shower, try cleaning or changing the showerhead. It doesn't take much for the head to get icky on the inside. Cleaning or replacing it is the most simple and cost effective solution.

3. Clean the Faucet Heads

Mineral build up is a faucet head's worst enemy. Remove and clean the showerhead thoroughly. If unwanted mineral deposits is the problem, then this technique should restore water pressure.

4. Check the Porcelain Throne

It may be time for a new pot. If all of your water sources seem to have low water pressure, then check for cracks, leaks, and running toilets. The toilet is one of the most common sources of water leaks and could be the root of the pressure problem.

5. Check the Water Valves

Water valves turn. Check all of them, especially the main valve. Always keep an eye on the one in the bathroom. It's often the little ones that mysteriously turn and kill water pressure.

6. Check on the Pipes

Pipes, especially rusted ones, can build up a lot of debris. Debris can eventually lock up the water flow through the faucets. Unblocking those pipes with something as simple as drain cleaner can save a lot of time.

7. Replace the Water Pressure Regulator

The water pressure regulator is an important piece to the puzzle. It's usually located below the hose connector in your home. However, if your home is built like a spaceship, then you might want to check your blueprints. The regulator can sometimes stop working or fall prey to damage. When that happens, you will need to replace it.

And there you have it: several simple steps to making sure your showers and baths stay enjoyable. Low water pressure need never be a problem again!

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