Three Surprising Uses For Your Carport

Carports provide a smart and cost-efficient way to protect your car from weather without having to build an entire garage, but they can also be used for several other purposes on your property. Consider these three options for getting the most out of your carport.

An Outdoor Party Pavilion

Traditional aluminum carports are open on all sides while providing shade from the sun and protection from rain. This makes them perfect for outdoor events. Set up the buffet for your backyard party in the pavilion and add a few card tables and chairs for a casual family gathering. You'll keep your food and your guests sheltered while still enjoying your time outdoors.

An Outdoor Wedding Chapel

Weddings are expensive, and having your wedding at home is a great way to cut costs. You can use your carport as the wedding ceremony space by placing two sections of chairs on each side of the carport and adding a gazebo arch at the end of the space. Roll out a white or red carpet to create the aisle and you have a lovely wedding chapel that saves you money while still giving you the beauty of an outdoor wedding. Since the chapel setup is temporary, you can convert the space into your reception area as well. Rearrange the chairs around folding banquet tables and add colorful tablecloths for your reception.

A Shaded Patio

If you don't have a patio or deck attached to your home, you can use a carport to create a shaded patio area for enjoying the summer weather. Simply add patio furniture and a few decor pieces, or go all out by using brick pavers add a stunning floor to the carport. Hang outdoor curtains from every side to give the space a tropical cabana feel. Place the carport next to your swimming pool to give pool party guests a convenient place to grab a snack and get out of the sun for a few minutes.

A Pet Refuge

Carports offer protection for your pets during warm summer months, keeping them out of the hot sun. If you use kennels for your dogs, consider placing the kennels under a carport to keep them cool and comfortable. Remember to add blankets or tile to the floor if you have a concrete floor to protect your pets' paws from blisters and burns. If possible, place your carport on a grassy area that will keep your pets cooler.

Aluminum carports can be used for much more than car storage. Use these ideas to get more out of your home's carport, or use them as a reason to invest in a brand new carport for your property. Contact a local contractor, like Sauer & Sons Construction, for more information.