Efficient Removal Of Old Computers

When you're dealing with an entire department or a large building of computers in need of replacement, the disposal and upgrade tasks aren't exactly easy. A mixture of physical strength, technical ability and endurance are necessary to carry out the old systems without damaging cables and connectors, since the new computers need to connect to the same infrastructure. To reduce fatigue and possibly get a bit of money back through recycling, consider a few waste management and recycling techniques that could make your upgrade easier.

Efficient Removal And Replacement

To make the computer upgrade process as smooth as possible for everyone involved, you need to develop an assembly line-like process that happens after business hours. Computer technicians are necessary to unplug different cables and connectors without damaging anything, but they also need to spend some significant heavy labor time as they carry the computers out.

If your building or elevator has stairs, make sure to define a path for moving to specific elevators or stairways for entry or exit, or keep a going rule for staying to the right at all times. This can help mitigate slowdowns because of multiple computer movers stuck in the same area.

You'll also need a proper place to get rid of the computers. Simply putting the computers outside or looking for a dumpster can add unnecessary time to the removal, and may lead to fatigue if the technicians need to walk too far.

Don't look for existing removal solutions. Contact a dumpster rental representative and explain what you're doing. With the representative's help, you can plan for the rental of a dumpster that has a low opening to make disposal easier. There are even roll-off dumpster crates that can be opened by lowering an entire back wall, allowing technicians to walk into the container for easy placement.

The dumpster can be clean, new and easily picked up by the dumpster representative's team. No more walking across the parking lot or property for a random dumpster, and less fatigue for your workers.

Materials For Specific Recycling Programs

As you get rid of old computers, you need to be aware that some components are worth more than others in the recycling system. In some parts, there's gold, copper, aluminum, platinum and other materials to recover for a specific recycling program with different price rates depending on the day.

The computer case itself is often made out of aluminum or steel, as is the power supply unit and the hard drive's case. Parts like the power supply may have a copper core that requires an electrician to safely remove because of the dangerous electrical charge, where as the case can be simply stripped of plastic.

Hard drives include a valuable material called a rare earth magnet, which can be removed by opening the hard drive with a screwdriver. The rare earth magnet is a special recycling concern because it may fetch a nice price on public recycling programs and hobbyists looking for strong magnets directly from people like you.

The dumpster representative can help you by providing recycling containers for your recycled materials, and even transit to a recycling program that can handle your materials. Contact a dumpster rental representative, like Metropolis Disposal, to discuss your recycling and removal options.