Air Conditioner Tips: Possible Causes Of Hissing Sounds

An air conditioner should provide comfort without loud noises. But, you can also look at these noises as a blessing in disguise, as they could be warning you of a bigger and costlier problem. The following guide will help you decipher a hissing sound so that you and your A/C specialist can deal with the problem. 

Normal Hissing

The following are two hissing sounds that are most likely normal and may not require any repairs. But remember to have your A/C specialist check your system, as it is always better to be safe than sorry:

  • The hissing is very faint and only last for 2 to 4 seconds, which is usually the expansion valve, letting the gas expand to cool down your home. This is a normal occurrence that most likely will not need any repairs.
  • You hear a hissing sound at the start of a new cycle of air circulation, which can be solved by opening your registers just a bit. The registers are where the air flows out your system.

Hissing Due To Leaky Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant system that helps cool down your home is always under pressure to ensure that the substance is pushed through your system. But this pressure can cause leaks over time. This leak will sound like hissing and could get worse, depending on the size of the opening. The following are a few signs related to a leaky refrigerant line:

  • The air coming from the registers seems weaker than usual. 
  • Your air is starting to feel lukewarm when it's usually colder.
  • There are signs of water or a little water near the furnace.
  • Your indoor copper coils (refer to your owner's manual to find your indoor coils) have ice on them. 
  • The electrical bill is higher than normal with the same amount of usage.
  • Your home does not cool down like it did before. 

Have your air conditioning specialist check your system should you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms to fix the problem. Hopefully you are just low on refrigerant, as that can also cause some of the signs listed above. 

Serious Compressor Issue

Go near your compressor (use your owner's manual to find it) to check if the sound is originating from there. Any hissing or shrieking from the compressor means that the system is over-pressurized and could burst, so turn off the system immediately should the sound be coming from the compressor, and call your A/C specialist. 

As you can see, those hissing sounds could be helping you and your A/C specialist deal with a situation before it gets any worse. Contact an A/C repair company like Action Air of Florida if you have any questions.