Five Types Of Steel Drum Equipment And How They Can Help Move And Store Drums

Steel drums are quite useful because they can contain many different chemicals that are pertinent to your line of work. Unfortunately, full drums are exceedingly heavy when full, and it is hard to move and store them without some material handling equipment. There are five types of steel drum equipment that can help you move and store drums, as well as prevent potentially dangerous leaks.

Drum Rotators

Some drum contents need to be turned regularly to remain effective and/or functional. Other drums contain sticky residues, of which you want to remove every last drop. Drum rotators can accomplish both of these tasks, and all your employees have to do is is use the hand crank on the side. The drum rests in a cradle the rest of the time.

Drum Jacks

Cousin to the pallet jack, a drum jack looks just like it. The major difference between the pallet jack and the drum jack is the extra band that extends from the jack handle and encompasses a single drum for transport. Drums usually have to be tilted at an angle before the jack's legs can get underneath it, but the jack itself is a real back saver when you need to move a couple of barrels.

Drum Lifters

Lifters are either attachments for dock equipment you already have or stand-alone lifters that attach to a drum in the same way a transmission crane attaches by claw to an engine block. Some measure of hydraulics is involved in most of the drum lifters you can buy. A manual drum lifter is the easiest to store and use because it is smaller than the machines that require a lift attachment and you do not need to charge up a manual drum lift.

Drum Haulers/Transporters

This a broad range of equipment that includes hand trucks, drum pickers, transporters, and combo equipment items like an electrically powered lifter/rotator/transporter. Usually, the transporters are all on wheels because you want to move one or more drums to another location or load the drums onto a truck. All of the equipment under this type has clamps for clamping onto and holding the drums by the top and bottom rims.

Spill Decks

The best spill decks on the market not only prevent messy, toxic spills, but also provide you with a platform that a pallet jack can lifte and move. The drum supports are bolted to these spill decks from underneath. The jack openings underneath the spill decks are perfectly spaced so that when you do use a pallet jack to move the spill decks and the drums, the drums cannot roll, pitch or spill and are evenly balanced on the decks.

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