3 Types Of Fencing For Your Front Yard

If you're looking to fence off your front yard, then you have lots of options. When you fence off your backyard from your neighbors, he primary role of a backyard fence is to provide privacy, and you will normally have to get a stockade fence. However, when you are getting a fence for your front yard, you have more flexibility. A front yard fence has many different purposes. You might want a fence that will be pretty and decorative, will prevent people, or that will keep dogs off of your lawn.

Here are three types of fencing and their pros and cons.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron is great if you are looking to install a tall fence that will prevent animals and people from getting into your front yard. These fences can be installed as panels, or you can have them custom fit to your own specifications.

If you want to show off your yard, then a wrought iron fence is great. The railings are very narrow and they can be placed close together. They won't block the view of the yard like a stockade or vinyl fence will. The other benefit to these fences is that the installer can weld on many different types of decorative flourishes on top of the fence rails. A popular one is the fleur de lis, but you can have any shape attached to the railings if you chose a custom installation.

These fences can be expensive. If you are on a budget, you should consider a panel installation. It will not be as tailored to your property like a custom fence will, but it will be much more affordable.

White Picket Fence

If you're looking for a classic style fence, then nothing beats the picket fence. These fences provide both protection from wandering dogs, as well as a beautiful boundary to your property line. You can get these fences in either wood or polyvinyl chloride.

These fences are sold in large panels, and there is not much customization to them. However, they are not as costly as a wrought iron installation.

Ranch Style Fencing

If you are not concerned about stray dogs or other animals, then you might want to think about a ranch style fence. These fences are also known as "split rail." They were popular on ranches in the Old West and were used to fence in cattle. Many people who have ranch style homes, or log homes, appreciate them because they accentuate their home's architecture.

These fences are inexpensive. You can also choose from among different styles. You can use raw logs, weathered planks of wood, or even salvaged barn siding for railing. The main posts should always be new, pressure treated wood. However, the railings are where you can let your imagination run.

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