Answering Two Common Concerns About Having A Water Well Installed

Having your own well can be the most practical and cost effective option for providing water to your home in a rural setting. Unfortunately, having a well built is a complex task that can be influenced by any number of variables. Due to this complexity, you may benefit from having some questions answered before you decide if this is the best option for your needs. In particular, the following two questions are relatively common for individuals considering drilling their first well.

Can A Well Be Drilled In Rocky Soil?

While it is possible to drill through rocky soil and bedrock, it is considerably more difficult. This is because it will be necessary for your contractor to use a special drill that is capable of piercing through the rock. Also, it can be more difficult for your contractor to locate the underground water supply. This stems from the fact that many of the tools used to help locate water are unable to get readings through excessive amounts of rock. 

Sadly, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your property contains rocky soil. This is because the top layer of soil may seem fine, but just below the surface there could be a thick layer of rock. Fortunately, your contractor will be able to determine the amount of rock in the ground when preparing a quote, and this can help ensure that this problem does not catch you by surprise.

Will The Well Provide Hard Water?

Hard water is a problem that can reduce the comfort of bathing or showering, and it can cause major problems for your home's plumbing. These issues result from the excessive amount of minerals that are found in this type of water. Sadly, this is a common issue for wells because the water that is pumped out of them has absorbed many minerals from the surrounding soil. 

Luckily, you can compensate for this problem with the use of a water softener. By installing one of these devices on your well, it is possible to remove the minerals before they ever have a chance to make it to your home. While this may seem like a major addition to your well system, these units are relatively inexpensive, and they require very little maintenance. 

Providing your home with fresh water may require the installation of a water well on your property. However, you may not be very well-informed about this type of drilling project, but if you learn the answers to these two common questions about water wells, you should be better able to determine whether this option is suitable for your home. For more information or to get a quote, contact companies like Down Right Drilling & Pump Inc.