Tips to Help Correct a Malfunctioning Well Pump

If your home uses a well and pump system to provide you with water, it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of how to correct some of the more common problems that these systems may experience. Unfortunately, first-time homeowners may not be knowledgeable about these systems, which can make it more difficult for them to correct some of the issues that will arise from time to time. You can follow these two tips to help correct a couple of the problems that your well pump may encounter one day. 

Remove Any Accumulated Water from the Pressure Tank

One of the most common reasons for a well pump to stop working is due to a flooded pressure tank. When water makes it into this part of your well pump, it will make it impossible for the internal pressure to be properly regulated, which can severely limit the system's ability to move water. You may be able to repair this problem without needing to contact a professional. 

By simply draining the water from the pressure tank, you should be able to restore the system's ability to function. While the exact steps for draining this tank can vary, you are likely to find detailed instructions for this routine fix in your owner's guide. When you are draining this tank, make sure to attach a garden hose to the valve so that you can drain the water away from the pump to help minimize the threats posed by erosion. 

Make Sure the Vents Are Clear

Some people fail to appreciate the amount of airflow that a well pump needs to operate. Without a steady flow of air, the system could struggle to deal with the constantly changing internal pressure. If you notice that your pump's performance is starting to degrade, you may need to check the air vents on the unit's exterior to make sure that they are not clogged. 

After cleaning the vent, you should consider placing wire mesh screens over the vents. These screens will help prevent particulate matter from clogging the vent without restricting air flow. You can secure this wire mesh in place using either an all-weather adhesive or use wire to tie it into place. 

Having a faulty well pump can be one of the most frustrating problems that a homeowner can encounter. When this problem strikes your home, you may be stressed due to concerns over repair bills and a lack of running water. However, following these two simple repair tips may help you correct these problems without needing to pay for a professional to look at your pump system for you. However, don't hesitate to contact a professional like Modern Pump & Equipment should you need help.