Four Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Carpet Shampooing Session

If you're on a tight budget, shampooing your own carpet is a viable alternative to having it professionally cleaned. However, it does take a considerable amount of time and effort to shampoo an entire home. Make sure you're not wasting your time by following these tips to ensure your carpet shampooing efforts are as effective as possible.

Tip 1: Go over each area several times.

Carpet shampooers purchased from home and garden stores are not as powerful as the tools the professionals use. To get the same deep clean, you'll need to go over each segment of carpet several times. Some carpet shampooers have two settings – one that squirts more water out, and another that only sucks water back up. If yours has this option, go over the carpet once while squirting water, and again while only sucking water up. This helps ensure that as much dirty water as possible is removed from your carpet.

Tip 2: Use a deodorizing shampoo.

Even if you remove a lot of dirt from your carpet, your room may still have an odor if you don't use a shampoo that contains odor eliminators. Products that contain vinegar or baking soda as an odor-neutralizing ingredient are particularly good choices, since these ingredients are safe and natural.

Tip 3: Give your shampooer time to heat up before using it.

Most carpet shampooers heat the water before ejecting it into your carpet. Hot water is more effective at removing dirt and grime than cold water. Unfortunately, many homeowners are so eager to shampoo their carpets that they jump the gun and start shampooing before the machine has time to warm up. Once you fill your shampooer with water, go relax for a few minutes and give it time to heat. Your carpet will come out much cleaner.

Tip 4: Pick a warm day for your shampooing project.

When the weather is warm, you'll be better able to open the windows, which will help your carpet dry faster. Let the carpet stay wet for too long, and it may start to mold, completely undermining your cleaning efforts. With the windows open and your ceiling fans running, you should be able to dry the carpet out in a day or two.

If you follow the tips above, you should be able to get your carpet reasonably clean using a home shampooer system. To ensure the deepest dirt and grime are removed, consider having a professional cleaning done at least every few years. Thanks to the most advanced equipment and techniques, carpet cleaning professionals can capture a lot of dirt that home shampooers tend to miss, and they do so in less time, too. To learn more, visit Conscientious Carpet Care