Shower Options For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project: Spanish-Style Home Edition

If you are in the planning stages of remodeling your Spanish-style home's bathroom, then you have many decisions to make about your bathroom's new shower. You need to decide on the shower's tile, fixtures, and glass doors. And, you want each of these items to be in the same design style as your home, so your new bathroom will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the house.

Here is some information to help you decide on the best shower options for your family's home:

Tile Surround for a Spanish-Style Home's Shower

One of the most fun aspects of remodeling a Spanish-style bathroom is that you can decorative tile options that you cannot use with other design styles. In a Spanish-style home you expect to see bold tiles in the bathroom; in a modern home, you do not expect to see bold tiles or excessive color.

South American tiles tend to be very colorful and often have vibrant designs. Additionally, you can sometimes purchase sinks with matching designs. 

The key to decorating with tile that has a bold design is to use it as either a trim in your entire bathroom, or to use it in a single statement area, such as the tile surround for your new shower. You should not overdo the look with too much Spanish tile, because this can make your bathroom appear dated. Additionally, too much bright tile can be a drawback if you decide to sell your home.

Your best option is to use both boldly decorated tiles, and also use complementary solid colored tiles. The solid color tiles will help to visually break-up the business of the Spanish tiles.

Shower Fixtures for a Spanish-Style Home's Bathroom

The fixtures in your bathroom should be finished with a dark metal look. Spanish-style homes often use a lot of wrought iron in their design, due to its wide availability in South America. So, fixtures that match the color and look of wrought iron are always a good bet.

If you would like a more modern look in your bathroom, then you may prefer to use white enamel fixtures. When they are used with bold and white tiles, the fixtures will melt into the background and allow the bold tile pattern to stand out. 

Shower Door Options for a Spanish-Style Home's Bathroom

If your home is an older model, then your current shower area likely has a rounded doorway or a smaller-than-normal shower door. Showers used to be made this way because people were smaller in the past than they are today. If you will be leaving the unique shower entrance, then you can purchase custom frameless glass shower doors.

For a more designer look, you can have your bathroom's new glass shower door made with hinges that match the wrought iron look of the fixtures. An overlay of wrought iron can also be made for the door to add an additional focal point.


Remodeling your Spanish-style home's bathroom is a large home improvement project. If you need assistance with installing your new shower, fixtures, and shower doors, then you should contact a local building contractor for assistance.