3 Reasons You Need An Epoxy Floor Coating

If you are tired of the constant cleaning that your concrete floors require, it is time to consider the use of an epoxy floor coating. As a topical sealant, it works to provide a glossy covering for the floor that is resistant to scratches and stains. When done properly, the same floor can be enjoyed for many years with very little maintenance.

An Epoxy Floor Coating Adheres To Almost Anything

One common misconception that many people seem to have today is that every situation needs a completely perfect cement floor. Although that would typically be true if the cement were used in a home or business, when it is in a garage that is used for storage or household projects, unblemished flooring is not always necessary.   

Fortunately, epoxy floor coatings can be safely used on cracked, uneven, or otherwise damaged floors. That means that you can prevent additional damage to the floor, while also providing the additional benefits that it provides. Obviously, being able to save money by using a safe but damaged floor is important to many homeowners.

Your Epoxy Floors Can Be Made Resistant To Slipping

It is frequently surprising to learn that after choosing epoxy, you can still customize the coating to your own preferences. One example is the use of an additional material that allows the glossy floor coating to be safer. A non-slip surfacing agent may consist of tiny pieces of aggregate, like sand or rock, that are placed between the epoxy layers.

It is worth noting that even barns and the animals they store can be made safer through epoxy floor coatings and an anti-slip additive.    

They Can Also Protect Against Bacteria

As the 2014–15 flu season has already demonstrated, no home or person is immune to the germs and bacteria that are present everywhere. Given that the flu itself mutated after the beginning of the flu season, which made the immunization less effective, it only makes sense that it is crucial to protect your family in other ways in the future.

Fortunately, an anti-bacterial sealant can be introduced to the flooring, limiting the germs that might otherwise take up residence in the carpet. The bacteria from vomit, illness, and the myriad of germs that shoes come into contact with every day can be minimized with this simple sealant.   

In conclusion, you have many choices today as to the flooring in your home or business. However, epoxy floor coatings can be modified in a variety of ways to meet your precise needs and when installed by an experienced professional like Beauty-Crete, are an easy and reliable option to consider.