Is It Time To Replace Your Heating And Cooling System?

The cost of heating and cooling your home probably takes a big chunk out of your budget, but there are things you can do to significantly reduce these expenses. One of the most effective things you can do is to replace your heating and cooling system when it is not providing you with the kind of efficiencies you would like. Below are some of the issues you can experience with heating and cooling, as well as advice on whether they require (or don't require) the replacement of your HVAC system.

You Have a 10-year-old Heat Pump or AC

Consider replacing any heat pump or AC more than 10 years old. Modern, Energy Star rated systems are going to be able to provide you with much higher efficiency than an older system.

You Have a 15-year-old Furnace

You're also not getting the highest possible efficiency from a boiler or furnace that is more than 15 years old. For instance, an Energy Star certified furnace can give you a 12-16 % savings over standard units, while a more modern Energy Star certified oil furnace can save you around 4%.

Your Bills and Repair Costs Are Both Going Up

If you find that your heating and cooling equipment requires frequent, costly repairs and that your energy bills are going up despite these repairs, your system may be so inefficient that it's time to simply replace it with something new and reliable.

Rooms Inside Your Home Are Too Cold or Too Hot

While this could indicate that you may have inefficient equipment that needs to be replaced, it could also be that you have inadequate insulation in your walls and attic. Alternatively, you could have leaky ducts that are allowing your conditioned air to leak away into unconditioned spaces. You need to determine if either of these latter two issues are your problem before you replace expensive heating and cooling equipment.

You Have Humidity Problems in Your Home

High humidity inside your home could be caused by a number of different problems, including poorly maintained equipment or (again) leaky ductwork. Explore the less expensive possibilities before purchasing a new system.

Your System Makes A Lot Of Noise

If you have a noisy heating and cooling system, it can be quite annoying. The root cause of this noise could be that some of the equipment is damaged, that you have loose components (such as an air circulator fan that has come loose from its mount), that the evaporator coil is damaged or that your duct system is not properly sized for your home. Depending on what the problem is, you may or may not want to replace your heating and cooling system.

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