How To Replace Your Extension Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are part of the actual door, and when something happens to them, a lot of trouble can occur when you go to open the door, especially if it's a two car garage door. Since the only function the garage door springs have is to make it easier to open and shut the garage door, they do tend to last years. However, when they go out you will need to fix the problem right away in order to continue using the door without doing a lot of very heavy lifting. This article will take you through the process of repairing your extension garage door springs.

Instructions for replacing extension garage door springs

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the door is locked in the open position with a solid piece of properly fitted lumber under both sides. You may need someone's help to do this since your door will be very heavy without the springs functioning properly.

Detach the end of the broken spring that's in the back, farthest from the garage opening. Detach the lift cable from the attachment on the door rail, right above the door opening. You will need to thread the loose cable around the pulley that's attached to the spring. At this point you will be able to completely remove the spring.

Install the new spring while making sure the lift cable is put on in the same manner, going from the attachment point over, under and around the pulley. You'll see it perfectly matches the hardware on the other spring if you've done it correctly. With your garage door fully open, you want to see that the new spring is only stretched about an inch.

If you are replacing both springs, which is advisable since the other one may break soon, you will follow the above steps on the other side once the first side is completed. Once both springs are replaced, you can remove the pieces of lumber holding the garage door open.

When you lower your garage door, you want to be sure you lower it carefully. Be ready for anything, but you should see that everything works just how it's supposed to now. Watch the attachment points on both sides to make sure the springs have been solidly connected.

Verify that you see the safety cable that runs through the springs and attaches to the ceiling or wall. If you don't see the cables then you need to have them installed. They prevent injury if the springs break and they are very important pieces of equipment you don't want left off of your garage door.

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