Three Reasons To Rent A Bobcat To Finish Your Outdoor Project

Whether you want to remove an old deck, dig up your septic tank, or consolidate and remove yard waste, using a bobcat to help will make the task a breeze. A bobcat can beef up your manpower from one person to a team, and it will help you accomplish even extensive projects outdoors with just a couple of hundred dollars for a daily rental. So if you're waiting for help or putting off starting a large project in your backyard, consider these three reasons to rent a bobcat to help you get the job done.

All-terrain Versatility

The three most commonly rented bobcats are skid steer, compact track, and mini track loaders. Skid steer systems run on wheels, so you can cover a large variety of terrain and operate it with higher weight distribution. And both compact and mini tracks offer increased performance on softer ground, so you can manage mud, sand, or soil without getting stuck.

Awesome Accessories

Each type of bobcat available for rental includes awesome accessory options that are specific to the type of work that you'll be doing. So whether you're trenching, compacting, loading, or drilling, there is an attachment that can help you manage your project with ease.

Common attachments that you'll need for residential work include augers, sweepers, planers, scrapers, and backhoes. There are 15 available attachment accessories for mini track loaders, 67 for the compact track, and over 70 for skid steer loaders.

Easy Operation

A bobcat can easily do the work of a crowd in a fraction of the time, and you can operate one with just a driver's license. The mini loader is a stand-behind system that's a little bigger than a riding lawn mower, and it is the easiest bobcat to operate for residential purposes. It is also gentle on areas where you don't want to leave divots or impressions, like your lawn.

Skid steer and compact track loaders are also easy to operate, once you get used to the to hand controls and foot pedals that make one fully operational. With hydraulic attachments and comfortable cabs, you can switch out attachments in minutes and step back into a climate controlled cab for the next task you want to finish outside. These systems operate gently on most terrains too, but can leave impressions on soft ground if you aren't experienced using one.

Bobcats are fun to use, comfortable to operate, and able to handle the challenges of any project--whether it's a professional or residential. So if you want to get your next outdoor project finished in the best way possible, it pays to rent a bobcat.