How To Repair Concrete Driveway Cracks In 3 Easy Steps

Has your concrete driveway developed small cracks over the years that really impact the way your driveway looks and functions? If so, you may think that repairing this damage will inevitably cost you a small fortune and require the services of a skilled professional. However, the truth is, most homeowners can repair this type of minor damage on their own in just three easy steps.

Supplies You Will Need

  • pressure washer
  • masonry cleaning solution
  • large bucket
  • mixing paddle
  • quick set concrete mix
  • water
  • trowel
  • rubber squeegee with extended handle

Step 1: Prepare Driveway For Repairs

It is extremely important to ensure that all dirt and debris have been removed from your driveway before you begin the repair process. Failure to complete this step could result in the strength of your repairs being compromised as the debris on your driveway combines with your new concrete and prevents it from curing properly.

In order to prepare your driveway for repairs, you will need to pressure wash the entire driveway using a masonry cleaning solution. When pressure washing your concrete, be sure to pay special attention to the damaged areas to ensure that all dirt and debris is removed from inside of the cracks, as well as from the surrounding areas.

Step 2: Fill Cracks

Your next step will be to mix a batch of quick set concrete in a large bucket according to the instructions that accompanied this product. If you have completed this step correctly, your concrete mixture should resemble the consistency of a thick brownie batter.

Once your concrete is ready, use a trowel to work the concrete deep into each crack. After ensuring that each crack has been filled in its entirety, use the flat edge of your trowel to smooth out the surface of your repair patches. Finally, allow these new repairs to dry overnight before returning to complete the repair process.

Step 3: Apply Finishing Coat

In order to create a smooth, uniform appearance throughout your driveway, you will need to apply a finishing coat the day after making your initial repairs. This should be done using the same type of quick set concrete that you used to make your repairs. However, when mixing your concrete for this purpose, you will want to create a much thinner batch than was used to repair your cracks.

After mixing your concrete, simply pour the entire batch of concrete over top of your driveway. Using a rubber squeegee, spread this concrete out over the entire surface of your driveway until the whole surface has been evenly coated. Now, all that's left to do is to wait for the concrete to dry completely before you are able to resume use of your beautifully refinished driveway.

In Conclusion

While the process described above will allow you to effectively repair minor damage to your concrete driveway, it is not intended for use on more serious damage, such as a cracked foundation. If your driveway has suffered serious damage over the years, you will need to contact a qualified contractor, such as D & R Masonry Restoration, Inc., in order to have this damage assessed and repaired.