3 Ways To Help Your Air Conditioner During A Heat Wave

Do you live in an area that gets extreme heat waves? If so, you probably know how challenging extreme temperatures can be for your air conditioner. Even the most efficient and properly-sized units are only built to deal with normal temperatures. Once the temperature reaches extreme levels, the air conditioner has to strain to keep your home cool.

During heat waves, you may find that some areas of your home never reach your desired temperature. If the heat wave persists for a long period of time, the air conditioner could suffer serious wear-and-tear. Here are three ways you can give your unit a helping hand and relieve some of the burden:

Use solar screens. Much of the heat in your home comes in the form of sunlight shining in through windows. This could be especially true if you have rooms that have numerous large windows. Blinds and curtains are great ways to keep sunlight out, but they also block the view from the room. Instead of closing your blinds, try using solar screens. They can attach to the outside of your windows and filter out UV rays. Best of all, they're virtually clear, so they maintain your outside views.

Fix duct gaps. It's normal for duct work to separate slightly over time. Those small separations provide space for cold air to leak out into your attic, crawl space, or other areas of your home. That's usually not a big deal during moderate temperatures, as your air conditioner can produce plenty of cold air. However, during extremely hot periods, you need to use every bit of cold air that your unit produces. By sealing those gaps, you can ensure that all cold air makes it to your home's living air. That will make it easier for your air conditioner to get your home to the desired temperature.

Use a window unit. Yes, the whole point of having central air is to avoid using window units. However, if the situation is serious and you have rooms that just aren't getting cold, then a window unit may be the most effective solution. You can use window units to target specific rooms. With those rooms taken care of, your central unit only needs to cool the rest of the home. That will relieve some of the burden on your central unit and help you keep your whole house cool. Think of the window units as temporary solutions that you can take down as soon as the heat wave is over.

Talk to your air conditioning specialist like one from Advanced Heating & Cooling about other steps you can take to prepare your home. That way, you'll be ready to keep your home nice and cool the next time a heat wave hits.